August 7, 2011

This summer has been beautiful and busy, but also at times frustrating, frightening and frantic. I have much to do and much on my plate. With so many big projects in development and so much on the line, and given my famous lack of patience and propensity toward anxiety… I have to remind myself that only by taking big risks I can hope to achieve big goals. Which was, after all, the message of THE VOYAGERS. Which, incidentally, recently screened at Oberhausen and DOXA, and will play this October in the New Orleans Film Festival and the much-buzzed women’s film festival Citizen Jane. Brian and I are editing, writing, talking, thinking… and taking the Nixon film to IFP’s Independent Film Week this September. We are otherwise engaged in heavy fundraising to take it through the last pass of editing. The other two feature docs are in development and just entering post-production (respectively). And when I am not freaking out too badly I am able to see that they are really going well. I am really proud of the work I am doing and wish I could share it with the world sooner. But all in good time, my friends. In good time!