NUTS! (2016)


NUTS! is the mostly-true story of Dr. John Romulus Brinkley, who in 1917 discovers that he can cure impotence by transplanting goat testicles into men. After that, the story only gets weirder…

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Dr. John R. Brinkley considers a new and daring form of medical operation. Still from Nuts!

Special Jury Award for Editing – Sundance Film Festival (January 2016) – World Premiere
Award for Best Feature Film – ANIMATOR: International Animated Film Festival, Poland (July 2016)
Best Editing – Ashland Independent Film Festival, Oregon (April 2016)
International Film Festival Rotterdam (January-February 2016) – International Premiere
Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (April 2016)
It’s All True Festival, Brazil (April 2016)
San Francisco Film Festival (April 2016)
Sarasota Film Festival (April 2016)
Cleveland International Film Festival (April 2016)
Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Durham NC (April 2016)
Calgary Underground Film Festival (April 2016)
Hot Docs, Toronto (May 2016)
DOXA, Vancouver (May 2016)
Docville, Belgium (May 2016)
Maryland International Film Festival (May 2016)
Festival d’Annecy, France (June 2016)
Animafest Zagreb, Croatia (June 2016)
Seattle International Film Festival (June 2016)
Berkshire International Film Festival, Great Barrington MA (June 2016)
Nantucket Film Festival (June 2016)
International Filmmaker Project, New York (June 2016)
Film Forum NYC (June 2016) – Theatrical Premiere
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA (July 2016)
AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center, Washington D.C. (July 2016)
Cinefamily, Los Angeles CA (July 2016)
Tivoli Cinemas, Kansas City (July 2016)
Cinema 21, Portland OR (July 2016)
SPACE Gallery, Portland ME (July 2016)
Criterion Cinemas, New Haven CT (July 2016)
SIE Film Center, Denver CO (August 2016)
Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus OH (August 2016)
Austin Film Society (August 2016)
Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center, Lincoln NE (August 2016)
Ottawa International Animation Festival (September 2016)

“Men with dreams lead beaten armies to victory. They conquer savage lands, give to world electric lights, radio, television.” A young Brinkley dreams of his future, from the pamphlet After Twenty-One Years: The Success Story of Dr. John R. Brinkley.


“Hey there, how’d you like to see a part-animated, research-rich, narratively fleet documentary about an early 20th century doctor who a) discovered an impotence cure by grafting goat-glands onto human testicles; b) was nearly elected governor of Kansas on a write-in ballot; c) built the world’s most powerful radio station; and d) invented the informercial? Say no more.” – Robert Abele, The Los Angeles Times

“As illuminating as it is immensely entertaining, Penny Lane’s doc uses charming hand-crafted animation to trace how Brinkley ballooned a wacko epiphany into a vast media empire built on nothing but hot air.” – David Ehrlich & David Fear, Rolling Stone

“[…] a quintessentially American story – one that elicits both wonder and horror.” – Glenn Kenny, The New York Times

“Director Penny Lane (Our Nixon) showcases, with wit and suspense, the undoing of one of the 20th century’s great flimflam artists, a huckster who seized then-new communication technologies – and the trappings of Christian divinity – to convince Americans of profitable nonsense.” – Alan Scherstuhl, The Village Voice

“It’s bonkers […] It’s an examination of truth and lies and fiction and the intersection between those realms.” – Trevor Groth, director of programming, Sundance Film Festival