Notes on Real Life: Should Documentaries Have Footnotes? (2016).
An essay in which I consider the case for footnotes and explain how and why I wrote 319 footnotes for my film NUTS!

An Open Letter to Tribeca Film Festival About Vaxxed (2016).
This began as a Facebook post and went kinda viral; it was quoted in lots of news outlets. I was proud to be the first filmmaker to speak out publicly about this issue.

Brian Springer’s ‘The Disappointment: Or, the Force of Credulity’
An essay about one of my favorite films, written for Documentary Magazine.

Five Things Tinder Guys Don’t Know About Being an Independent Filmmaker
Something kind of insane I wrote (with Caitlin Mae Burke!) for Filmmaker Magazine during our Kickstarter campaign.

Review of ‘Atlas Shrugged III: Who is John Galt?’ (2014).
Another kind of insane thing I wrote during that Kickstarter campaign. It was a weird time, guys.

Our Nixon Filmmakers Explain to Ben Stein How Filmmaking Works (2013).
(Ok, that’s not really the title; it’s the title of Bryce Renninger’s post about it and I’m adopting it forever.) Brian and I wrote a rebuttal to Ben Stein’s misleading Daily Beast review of
Our Nixon. 

Why I Am Not An American Artist (2012).
A catalogue essay I wrote for “Red/White/Blue: New American Fringe Film and Video” (featuring Michael Robinson, Jesse McLean and myself).

Some interviews I’ve done with filmmakers:
Eric Daniel Metzgar (2010)
Sam Green (2010)
James T. Hong (2010)
Vanessa Renwick (2011)
Jennifer Montgomery (2011)
Jim Finn (2010)
Rebecca Richman Cohen (2011)

Psychogeographies: Four Films About Place and Time (2011).
An essay I wrote about one of the Flaherty NYC shows I programmed.

“Mame Faye” and Other Myths from the Golden Age of Prostitution (2008).
An essay I wrote for On The Issues magazine. 

A Timeline of Abortion Stories in U.S. Popular Media (2004-on).
Way back when I was making The Abortion Diaries, part of my research led to this list. A lot of people have written to me to say it is a useful resource, but I’m no longer actively updating it. If you want to add something, use the comment box and I’ll get to it as soon as I can!